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London has been a popular destination for a city trip for years. And that is not surprising, because in this bustling city you will find a great mix of modern and classical architecture, interesting museums, top class restaurants, cozy pubs, nice shops and beautiful parks. Also the flight time of a direct flight to London is only one hour. So you are so there!

Flying to London
London has no fewer than 6 airports. Some airports are far from London and your travel time will therefore be considerably longer (see also the following paragraph). Keep this in mind when comparing your ticket to London.

Direct flights go to London from Amsterdam Schiphol . You fly with KLM, British Airways, Easyjet, Flybe, BA Cityflyer or Cityjet.

You can fly with Ryanair from Eindhoven . Prices for a ticket to London start at € 34 *. Even cheaper are airline tickets from Weeze ; You can then fly back to London for € 20 *. Also from Dusseldorf International are direct flights to London. Finally, you can also fly directly from Groningen Eelde to London.

Use the handy search functions of Skyscanner to find cheap flights to London. The Skyscanner app is perfect for on the road, for example for finding a cheap last minute to London.

You can also fly cheaply to London by traveling with hand luggage only. First read what exactly the rules are regarding hand luggage .

From London airport to the city center London has 6 airports. From all airports you can travel to central London by taxi or public transport. You can find more details here.

City Airport

London City Airport is approximately 11 kilometers from the center of London, close to the City of London and Canary Wharf business districts. This airport is therefore often used for business trips. A taxi to City of London costs around £ 30 (€ 35) *. The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is cheaper. For £ 4.90 * you can travel from City Airport to Bank DLR Station in City of London in about 20 minutes.

Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport is approximately 45 kilometers from the center of London. You can quickly be 1.5 hours on the road by car. A taxi from Gatwick Airport to City of London costs around £ 100 (€ 114) *. The Gatwick Express is cheaper and faster. This train will take you from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria in around 30 minutes. A single journey costs £ 19.90 (€ 22.55) *. If you buy your ticket online , you will receive a 10% discount. The Thameslink is more advantageous. A single-ticket costs £ 17.10 during off-peak hours (£ 20.40 during rush hour) *, but the journey from Gatwick to St Pancras International (near King’s Cross) takes around 55 minutes.

Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is approximately 29 kilometers from City of London. The travel time is one hour. A taxi from Heathrow to central London costs around £ 70 (€ 80) *. The Heathrow Express brings you to Paddington Station for £ 27 (€ 31) *. The travel time is fifteen minutes. The Heathrow Connect only costs £ 10.30 (€ 12) *, but the journey time to Paddington Station is around half an hour. You can also travel with the London Underground to King’s Cross, for example. The travel time is more than an hour, but a single journey costs £ 6 in cash (€ 6.80) *.

Luton Airport

London Luton Airport is approximately 58 kilometers from the center of London. A taxi from Luton Airport to central London is quite a price, namely around £ 110 (€ 125) *. You can also better take the Thameslink. A shuttle bus first takes you to Luton Airport Parkway train station, after which you travel by train to St Pancras International. The total travel time is approximately 45 minutes and a combination ticket for the shuttle bus and Thame slink costs £ 16.90 (€ 19) *.

Southend Airport

London South end Airport is approximately 65 kilometers from London. It is approximately 1.5 hours by car. A taxi from Southend Airport to City of London costs around £ 110 (€ 125) *. The Greater Anglia train is cheaper and faster. It will take you to Liverpool Street Station in just under an hour. A single journey costs £ 15.10 (€ 17) *.

Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport is located 60 kilometers from the City of London. A taxi from Stansted Airport to central London costs around £ 100 (€ 114) *. The Stansted Express is cheaper and faster. This train will take you to Liverpool Street Station in 45 minutes. A single journey costs £ 17 (€ 19) *.

Also read this article about airports in London.

Public transportation in London is well organized. There is an extensive metro network in and around the center (London Underground, also called ‘tube’). On some lines, the metro also runs at night on weekends. The iconic red buses are handy for short pieces in the center.

Single tickets are very expensive, so if you regularly use the metro and bus, then buy an Oyster Card. You can buy this for £ 5 * at the ticket machines. A single ride costs a few pounds. For the exact rates you can consult the ‘ single fare finder ‘ of Transport for London.

You can easily plan your trip with Google Maps.

Best time to travel to London The weather in London can be compared to the weather in the Netherlands. The best period for a city trip to London is therefore June to September. It is then about 20 degrees in London. Take your umbrella with you, because there is always a chance of rain.

Do you want to go on holiday in December? You can also celebrate Christmas in London.

London sights

A weekend trip to London is not enough to see all the highlights of this metropolis. You can easily spend a week or more in London. If you only have a few days, then at least visit the following sights in London:

Palace of Westminster: the palace of the United Kingdom is located in this palace. You can view this impressive building from the inside. Be sure to check out Big Ben. The Big Ben is the largest clock in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster and one of the icons of London.

Buckingham Palace: another icon is this large palace, where the changing of the guard in particular attracts many visitors.
National Gallery: art lovers can easily set aside a day to visit this free (!) Art museum.
British Museum: another must is the British Museum with extensive history and art collections. Admission is free. Tip: go at the end of the afternoon, because then the big crowds will be over.
Tower of London: this historic place gives you a glimpse into the past of London. This castle now serves as a treasure trove for royal jewels, but it used to be a fortress, prison and royal residence.
London Eye: if you visit London with children, a ride in this Ferris wheel is recommended. The nearby London Sea Life Aquarium is also great for a day out with the family.
London is an expensive city, but with these 10 free things to do in London you stay within your budget. Also read the article ’24 hours in London ‘ for more tips.

Shopping in London

London is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts! In London you will find the big fashion chains, but also unique boutiques and chic shops. You can read more about this in this article with the best shopping tips for London . More into food and flea markets? Then read this article about 5 London markets that you don’t know yet .

Going out in London

A night out in London naturally starts in one of the many pubs. If the pub closes around 11 p.m. you can continue to a night club in Soho or Notting Hill for example. You can also go out around Old Street. The most exclusive (and expensive) clubs can be found in the West End neighborhood.

Visa London
If you have a Dutch passport or European identity card, you do not need a visa for a holiday to London and the United Kingdom.

Practical information

The currency in the United Kingdom is the British Pound (GBP).
In London it is common to tip around 10% in restaurants and taxi drivers. In addition, hotel staff and hairdressers expect a small tip.
It is always one hour earlier in London than in the Netherlands.
English is spoken in London.
The emergency number is 112.
Hotels London
Find the best deals on hotels in London here . Also read this article with 8 budget hotels in London .

Rent a car in London
Compare here the prices for car rental in London .

Istanbul From Amsterdam Schiphol

Istanbul is the capital of the former Ottoman Empire and still one of the most important cities in Turkey. Istanbul has an Asian and European part and both parts are full of sights. You can also go shopping and go out in Istanbul. Admire the impressive Blue Mosque, buy your souvenirs in the Grand Bazaar and enjoy the vibrancy of cosmopolitan Istanbul!

Ticket Istanbul

Direct flights go to Istanbul from Amsterdam Schiphol. You fly with Pegasus Airlines, Atlasglobal, KLM or Turkish Airlines. The flight time is 3.5 to 4 hours.

You can also fly directly to Istanbul from Brussels International , Brussels Charleroi and Düsseldorf International .

Use the handy search functions of Skyscanner to find cheap flights to Istanbul. You can also fly cheaply to Istanbul by traveling with hand luggage only. First read what exactly the rules are regarding hand luggage .

From Istanbul airport to the center

Istanbul has two international airports, namely Istanbul Atatürk and Istanbul Sabiha. Pay attention to this when booking your flight to Istanbul so that you know how to travel from the airport to the center of Istanbul.

Airport Istanbul Atatürk (also known as Yeşilköy Airport) is located in the European part of Istanbul about 20 kilometers from the center. KLM, Atlasglobal and Turkish Airlines, among others, fly to Atatürk Airport.

A taxi from Atatürk airport to Istanbul costs 55 to 65 Turkish lira (12 to 14 euros) *. The travel time is approximately half an hour.

You can also travel by public transport. From the airport (metro station Atatürk Havalimanı) you travel with metro 1A to metro station Zeytinburnu. Here you change to tram T1 towards Kabataş. For the center of Istanbul, get off at the Sultanahmet stop. The total travel time is 45 minutes and a ticket (‘Jeton’) costs 5 TL (€ 1.10) *.

Don’t feel like switching? The Havabüs will take you to the Taksim district in 40 minutes (bus stop ‘Taksim’, near Taksim Square). A ticket costs 12 TL (€ 2.70) *.

Airport Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, about 45 kilometers from Sultanahmet. Closer is Kadiköy; the center of the Asian part of Istanbul. Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines fly to Sabiha, among others.

A taxi from Sabiha airport to Sultanahmet costs around 100 TL (€ 22) *.

The bus is cheaper. The Havabüs will take you to Taksim in about 1.5 hours. A ticket costs 15 TL (€ 3.35) *. If you are staying in Sultanahmet, you can travel further with tram T1.

The local bus is even cheaper. With bus line E10 and E11 you travel to Kadiköy. From here you can transfer to the ferry or travel further with the metro and tram. A ticket (‘Jeton’) for the bus, metro, ferry and tram costs 5 TL (€ 1.10) * per ride.

Public transportation in Istanbul

Istanbul has an extensive network of trams, subways and buses. You can easily plan your trip with Google Maps. A single journey costs 5 TL *, but if you use public transport a lot, you better buy an Istanbul cart . This ticket costs 6 TL * once, after which a single journey costs only 3 TL *.

In Istanbul you can also use so-called Dolmus vans; these are minibuses that run on fixed routes and take you almost everywhere. You hold a van by raising your hand along the side of the road. For a ride with a dolmus you pay one or two Turkish lira.

Best time to travel to Istanbul

The best travel time for a city trip to Istanbul is spring, summer or fall. The day temperature is then 20 to 25 degrees. The winters in Istanbul are quite wet and cold.

Istanbul sights

Istanbul has a lot of sights. Although you can see and do quite a lot in two days (read here in ‘ city ​​trip Istanbul in 48 hours ‘), a weekend is not enough. No matter how long you stay in this bustling city, visit the following top sights in Istanbul: Topkapi Palace: this p is probably the most popular landmark in Istanbul. The complex is surrounded by numerous inner gardens and pavilions and has long been the home of the Ottoman sultans. Today it is a museum where you can admire the splendor of the former sultans and their harem.
Hagia Sofia Basilica: this building used to be an impressive Christian Orthodox church that was later converted into a mosque.
Blue Mosque: opposite the Hagia Sofia is the ‘Sultanahmet Camii’. This beautiful mosque from the seventeenth century has various domes and six minarets. You can also view the mosque from the inside.
Grand Bazaar: this large shopping center has a labyrinth of thousands of stores where merchants offer their leather goods, rugs, clothing, antiques and curiosities. Bargaining is common.
Archaeological Museum: this is one of the largest museums in the world and it has an extensive collection of more than a million objects, including sarcophagi, ceramics and other special art objects from the Ottoman period.
More tips can be found in this article with the 10 most beautiful sights in Istanbul and in the article ‘ What to do in Istanbul ‘. Do you have a small budget? Then view this article with 10 free things to do in Istanbul .

Shopping in Istanbul

Shopping in Istanbul is excellent in the Taksim district. In İstiklal Caddesi and surrounding streets you will find the famous fashion chains, but also many unique shops and boutiques. Of course you can also shop souvenirs here.

A bit outside the center you will find the shopping mall Istinye Park. Here is also a great play paradise for children.

Chic shopping is possible in the Akmerkez shopping center and in the long street Bağdat Caddesi in the Asian part.

Many shops are closed on Sundays and on Islamic holidays.

And after a day of shopping you can enjoy the Turkish cuisine. Read more about it in this food lovers guide to Istanbul .

Going out in Istanbul

Istanbul has a vibrant nightlife! In the Sultanahmet district and around Taksim Square you will find many pubs and discos. These places of entertainment are often very touristy.

In the Beyoğlu and Ortaköy districts there are also many bars and clubs where you will mainly find locals.

Visa Istanbul, Turkey

If you are going on a holiday to Istanbul, you must be in possession of a tourist visa. Your visa is valid for a total of 180 days and you can stay in Turkey for a maximum of 90 days within this period. Apply for the visa online via a special website of the Turkish government.

Practical Information

You pay in Turkey with the Turkish Lira (1 lira is around 0.22 euros *).
During our summer time it is 1 hour later in Turkey; 2 hours later during our winter time.
In Turkey people speak Turkish, but in tourist places you can also speak English.
No vaccinations are required for travel to Turkey. Vaccinations against DTP and Hepatitis A are recommended. Read more about this on the LCR website .
Turkey has several emergency numbers, namely 155 (police), 110 (fire brigade) and 112 (ambulance).

Compare flights from Dubai at Skyscanner

Compare flights from Dubai at Skyscanner

Are you currently living or staying in Dubai and want to go home or go on vacation? Then look for cheap flights from Dubai, because from this airport countless airlines fly to various destinations within Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, America and Australia Transportation to Dubai airports Dubai International Airport, as the airport is officially called, is very easy to reach by car, taxi and public transport.

The fastest way to get to Dubai airport is by metro, which runs to and from the airport from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. The Red Line stops in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, while the Green Line stops in the Airport Free Zone, from where you can walk to Terminal 2. In addition, there are numerous city buses with the airport as the final destination. Dubai International Airport shuttle buses also run from more than 80 hotels in the city center to the airport. If you are going to Dubai International Airport by car, you must drive to the D70 and then take the D89 towards the airport. Airlines and destinations Dubai airport is the largest airport in the region and has 4 terminals, 3 of which are passenger terminals that are subdivided into Concourses.

Every day more than 100 national and international airlines fly from this modern large airport, such as KLM, British Airways, Air France, Emirates, Delta Air Lines, Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Qantas and Air China, to all sorts of destinations worldwide, ranging from Amsterdam to Sydney. In addition, there are also a number of regional and budget airlines, such as Flydubai, Fars Air Qeshm, Air India Express and Jet Airways, which fly from Dubai International Airport to all kinds of regional and further destinations, such as Ankara, Mumbai, Riyadh and Jeddah.

Facilities Dubai International Airport is a modern airport with numerous facilities, such as duty-free shops, cafés and restaurants, VIP lounges, prayer and meditation rooms, a pharmacy, a hairdresser, wireless internet, a currency exchange facility, luggage lockers and ATMs. Tip: Do you have to wait for your flight? Then you won’t be bored, because at Dubai Airport they have done everything to offer travelers optimum comfort. Take a dip in the swimming pool of Dubai International Hotel, which is located in the terminal, visit the beautiful Zen Gardens (entrance at gate B7 or gate B27) or take a nap in the Snoozecube (in Terminal 1, at gate C22) . Read More: Best Tours And Travels packages